2013 MGH Research Scholars

Seven investigators joined the Research Scholars Program at Massachusetts General Hospital in 2013, including specialists in cardiology, neurology, genetics and more.

Todd Allen, PhD
MGH Research Scholar

Ragon Institute
"The impact that viral sequence diversity has on immune control in the setting of HIV-1 infection"
Allen Lab


Sydney Cash, MD, PhD
Elizabeth G. Riley and Dan E. Smith Jr. MGH Research Scholar

"The neurophysiology of epilepsy and cognition."
Cash Lab
Raymond Chung, MD
Kevin and Polly Maroni MGH Research Scholar

"Translational approaches to liver disease."
Chung Lab


Jose Florez, MD, PhD
MGH Research Scholar

Medicine/Diabetes Unit/
Center for Human Genetic Research (CHGR)
"The pharmacogenetics of type 2 diabetes."
Florez Lab
Robert Gerszten, MD
MGH Research Scholar

Cardiovascular Research Center (CVRC)
"The nexus of diabetes and its cardiovascular complications."
Gerszten Lab
Sekar Kathiresan, MD
Ofer and Shelly Nemirovsky MGH Research Scholar

Cardiology/Heart Center/
Center for Human Genetic Research (CHGR)
"Human genetic variation and risk for myocardial infarction."
Kathiresan Lab
Susan Slaugenhaupt, PhD
Elizabeth G. Riley and Dan E. Smith Jr.

Neurology/Molecular Genetics Unit/
Center For Human Genetic Research (CHGR)
"Genetics and therapeutics for rare disease."
Slaugenhaupt Lab