Claflin Distinguished Scholar Awards

Although women scientists are recruited to Massachusetts General Hospital programs, their advancement to senior faculty positions is still far less frequent than that of their male counterparts.  In 1993, The Women in Academic Medicine Committee, originally chaired by Mrs. Jane D. Claflin, Honorary Trustee, was established to facilitate the academic careers of women in science at MGH. 

Recognizing that a significant obstacle to career advancement is the difficulty of maintaining research productivity alongside the responsibilities of parenting, this Committee, with the sponsorship of the Executive Committee On Research (ECOR), established the Claflin Distinguished Scholar Awards.  It is intended that this transitional funding will increase opportunities for women to advance to senior positions in academic medicine.

Awards are for $60,000 per year in direct costs for two years; plus 20% indirect costs per year.







Jane D Claflin
Clyde Smith, artist
MGH Archives & Special Collections Office