Center for Diversity and Inclusion PSDA FAQs


Q: Am I a URiM?

A: For the purposes of the PSDA, MGH follows the definition of under-represented in medicine and biomedical research (URiM) of the NIH and the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).  URiM groups may include Latino/Hispanic (including Brazilian), African-American/Black, American Indian, Native Hawaiian and Alaskan Natives, among others.  Please note that Asians are not considered URiM UNLESS they are under-represented relative to the population serves, e.g., Cambodian or Laotian.


Q: What information should I complete in the Partners Cover sheet?

A:  The Partners Cover Sheet is not required at the time of application. 

Q: Are letters of recommendation required?

A: Yes, two letters of recommendation are required; one from the Department Chair and one from a mentor.

Q: Is a list of references/bibliography required with the Research Plan?

A: Yes, but this does not count towards the 5-page limit.


Q: Does the application need to go through Grants Management for pre-review?

A: No, please submit your application directly to ECOR using the MGRI Online Management Portal. You can access this by clicking here.


Q: When will the applicants be notified of the funding decisions for this award?

A:  Applicants will be notified via email in March 2022.