Q: I will be a new research fellow at MGH and my employment is active, however my Harvard appointment is pending and should be approved soon. Can I apply for the fellowship?

A: No, you must be a post-doc at MGH at the time of the grant application to apply for the  Fund for Medical Discovery (FMD) Research Fellowship Award.  

Q: My laboratory is not located on the campus of MGH.  Am I eligible to apply?

A: The laboratory must be located at an MGH campus location, which includes Simches, CNY, the Main Campus and satellite locations such as Lansdowne Street.   

Q: More than two postdocs from my lab are eligible to apply for this fellowship.  How do I select the best candidates? 

A: We ask the mentor to select only two fellows from their lab to apply in any given round.  The selection for these awards is extremely competitive, and the mentor is in the best position to decide which applicants are most suitable.

Q: How many times a year can I apply for these fellowship awards?

A: Individuals can only apply for the FMD Research Fellowships one time per calendar year.

Q: I am here on a visa am I still eligible to apply for this fellowship?

A: Yes, you are still eligible to apply. Ensure you meet the eligibility listed in the call guidelines.

Q: My research is clinical – can I apply for the Clinical Research Fellowship Award?

A: Yes, you’re eligible to apply for the Clinical Research Fellowship Award if you are a MD or PhD Research Fellow or Clinical Research Fellow who is in the training phase of their research at MGH or an Instructor who is within 5 years total since initiating their research fellowship training. 


Q: What makes a good application? 

A: Please read the enclosed guidance on preparing a competitive application.

Q: What is the link to the ECOR online grants portal?

A: /GrantManager/Login.aspx

Q: Is there a minimum font and margin size for the proposal?

A: Please use the standard format of 12-point font with one-inch margins.

Q: Where can I find a template for the NIH Biosketch?

A: You can find a template on the NIH website by clicking here.

Q: My research proposal has not been approved by the IRB or the IACUC review committee.  Can I still apply?

A: Yes, you can still apply. If you’re using such protocols and receive this award, you will need to link them by logging into Insight

Q: How many Postdoctoral calls are posted in a year?

A: As of 2024, two calls are posted. The two calls will include requests for applications for the 3 types of FMD awards; the Clinical Research, Fundamental Research and the Population Healthcare Sciences Fellowship Award.


Q: I have requested a letter of recommendation from my previous mentor at another institution.  Where should we send the letter?

A: Please upload the letter of recommendation with your online application. Hard copies are not required. Although not required, letters of recommendation may also be submitted confidentially.  Please see the call for applications for detailed instructions.

Q: Who should the letters of recommendation be addressed to?

A: ECOR Review Committee

Q: I understand that 2 letters of support are required with the application. Is there a page limit for the letters of support?

A: No, there is no page limit. However, please ensure the letters address the requirements and are signed.

Q: I am both the Fellowship supervisor, and the Chief of the Unit.  Do I need to provide the same letter twice, or will one suffice? 

A: We only require one letter from the current supervisor; however, as the unit chief you must also sign the ECOR chief statement. (Please refer to item 17 of the call for the chief statement). 


Q: Does the application need to go through Partners Research Management for pre-review?

A: No, please submit your application directly to ECOR using the ECOR Online Management Portal. You can access this by clicking here.

Q: Do you have to apply online?

A: Yes. All applications must now be submitted online.

Q: Can I have deadline extension for submitting my proposal?

A: No, ECOR has a tight timeframe for reviewing these proposals and therefore we must enforce our deadlines and no extensions are granted. 


Q: What is the indirect cost rate for this grant?

A: The indirect cost rate is 20% and will be included in the total amount awarded.

Q: When will the applicants be notified of the funding decisions for this Award?

A: Applicants for the current call (applications due March 1, 2024) will be notified via email in May 2024.

Q: Will applicants receive feedback/critiques back from the Review Committee?

A: Due to the large numbers of applications, the committee is not able to provide applicants with feedback/critiques.

Q: What percentage of applicants’ are awarded?

A: It varies depending on the number of applications received. 

Q: Does the award cover travel costs?  Can I buy supplies with my award? 

A: No the award is for salary and applicable fringe only.

Q: I’m moving can the funds be transferred to my new institution?

A: No the award is intended for your work at MGH and cannot be transferred.