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August 1, 2014




1. ERIS is piloting ServiceNow: A new ticket management system
2. Core of the Week: Translational Genomics Research Core
3. Massachusetts General Hospital HAZMAT Response Program
4. Latest PCORI Funding Awards; PCORnet Trial Topic Chosen




1. RPDR Clinic for Health Disparities Research




1. MGH ECOR Deliberative ISF and Sequestration Relief Funding

2. 2015 Harrington Prize for Innovation in Medicine

3. Limited Submission Funding Opportunities

4. Private Funding Opportunities

5. NIH Update for Week Ending August 1, 2014




Reminders of recently posted funding opportunities, deadlines and events




1. ERIS is piloting ServiceNow: A new ticket management system

Beginning August 4, 2014, Enterprise Research Infrastructure & Services (ERIS) will participate in a pilot of a new tool, ServiceNow, in preparation for an Enterprise-wide release in September. ServiceNow will replace the current helpdesk system, Service Manager, to allow ERIS, IS and other service departments to better support and communicate to users. There is no change in the way that you open tickets to request support or services during the pilot. If your request is managed by one of the pilot groups, then you will receive an email with ticket details and a direct link to view, update or resolve your ticket in ServiceNow. Not all of ERIS' services are piloting the system in August. The site teams at BWH (RICS), MGH and McLean as well as the Partners Enterprise Apple Support (PEAS) team comprise the pilot group. To read more about this pilot, please visit:



2. Core of the Week: Translational Genomics Research Core

Translational Genomics Research Core
Research Project Manager: Ashley Blau, MA
Location: 65 Landsdowne St., Suite 350

At the Partners HealthCare Personalized Medicine Translational Genomics Core, we partner for success. Our comprehensive technical expertise, leading genomics technologies, and high-quality service has helped Partners investigators advance their genomic research programs for more than a decade. Our goal is to make these technologies accessible for all research projects, small and large, while offering the best customer service in the industry.

To learn more about the Translational Genomics Research Core, please click here.


3. Massachusetts General Hospital HAZMAT Response Program

Wanted: more good men and women who are looking to add some excitement to their career!

Join the MGH HAZMAT team! Comprised of ninety MGH employee volunteers, the HAZMAT team is trained to respond to large-scale disasters involving hazardous materials.

Established to protect patients, employees and the hospital facility from HAZMAT contamination and to provide for decontamination of victims, the clinical and non-clinical HAZMAT team members are our first line of defense at keeping patients and staff safe.

For more information, please click here.


4. Latest PCORI Funding Awards; PCORnet Trial Topic Chosen

Please click here to read the latest news from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute.




1. RPDR Clinic for Health Disparities Research

September 4, 2014

The Harvard Catalyst Health Disparities Research and Biomedical Informatics Programs will host a clinic for investigators interested in using the Research Patient Data Registry (RPDR) for research on health disparities. Participants will receive an overview of RPDR, tutorial on how to conduct queries, and personalized feedback and assistance on submitting queries specific to their population and research question of interest. Attendance is limited. A faculty committee will base their selection on query feasibility, and the project's relevance to health disparities research.

Please review the eligibility criteria and apply by August 11 -




1. MGH ECOR Deliberative ISF and Sequestration Relief Funding

The Executive Committee on Research (ECOR) is accepting applications for the August 1st deadline for the Deliberative Interim Support Funding & Sequestration Relief Funding. August is the second of three standing deadlines for these awards in 2014. The next deadline will be December 1st.

What are they?

Deliberative Interim Support Funding

This is open to Principal Investigators during a lapse or delay in their research funding from the NIH or another Federal agency (e.g., the National Science Foundation, the Department of Defense). Investigators must have applied for independent, long-term support (R01, R21, U01 and P01). The

Deliberative Interim Support process is open to:

  1. Investigators whose grants were not scored or whose scores were not translated into a percentile ranking.
  2. Investigators whose grants received scores >20th percentile.
  3. Investigators who were awarded Formulaic Bridge Funding (grants with scores < or = 20th percentile), and are now requesting additional financial support (in excess of $75,000 for RO1s, and $37,500 for R21s).
  4. A PI who has already received Formulaic Bridge Funding or Deliberative Interim Support on their A0 grant application must apply through the Deliberative Interim Support process for their A1 or A0 resubmission regardless of the score they received on their resubmitted grant.

Sequestration Relief Funding
This is open to Investigators that have experienced a funding shortfall as a result of sequestration and do not qualify for either Formulaic Bridge Funding or Deliberative Interim Support.

For eligible applicants:
a. The total funded amount, if awarded, will be sourced 50:50 with the Department. For example, if a PI applies for $100,000, then $50,000 will be sourced from ECOR funds and $50,000 will be sourced from Departmental funds.
. All applications for additional funds must include the Chief’s Letter of Support & Cost Sharing Authorization Form for ECOR Funding.

When is the deadline?
Friday, August 1, 2014 - 5:00 PM

How do I learn more and apply?
Deliberative Interim Support Funding - Click here
Sequestration Relief Funding - Click here


2. 2015 Harrington Prize for Innovation in Medicine

The Harrington Prize for Innovation in Medicine, presented by the American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI) and the Harrington Discovery Institute at University Hospitals - part of The Harrington Project for Discovery & Development, honors the physician-scientist who has moved science forward with notable achievements in innovation, creativity and potential for clinical application.

This annual prize provides the awardee with:

  • An unrestricted $20,000 honorarium
  • The Harrington Prize Lecture, delivered at the ASCI/AAP Joint Meeting
  • A review, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation 

This prize requires Institutional Nomination; MGH is not limited in the number of nominees we can submit. If you are interested, please contact MGH ECOR at by August 1, 2014 to be considered. Please contact Erin McGivney if you have questions regarding this process.

Click here for more information about the Harrington Prize. Nominations are being accepted through August 15, 2014.


3. Limited Submission Funding Opportunities

We ask that all MGH Investigators interested in applying for any limited submission award submit a Letter of Intent (see detailed instructions below) to the MGH Executive Committee on Research (ECOR) by the deadline indicated for each award to be considered to receive an institutional nomination.

Submit a one- to two-page Letter of Intent (LOI) to the MGH Executive Committee on Research (ECOR) via email to In addition to your LOI, please include an NIH Biosketch.

The letter of intent should include:
1. Name of the Principal Investigator with appropriate contact information
2. A descriptive title of the potential application
3. Brief description of the project
4. Brief description of why you specifically should be selected to receive institutional nomination for this award

In the event that there is more than one MGH investigators interested in applying for each limited submission award, the LOIs will be used to assess candidates and a review and selection process will take place.

Current Limited Submission Funding Opportunities
Please click here for more information and for our internal deadlines.

  • The National Cancer Institute (NCI) announces the Outstanding Investigator Award (R35)
  • Clinical Trial on the Effects of Interventions Aiming to Reduce Chronic Inflammation in Older Adults: Pilot Phase (U01)
  • Nutrition Obesity Research Centers (NORCs) (P30)

If there is a limited submission funding opportunity you do not see listed above or you have any additional questions, please contact Erin McGivney at 617-643-6471


4. Private Funding Opportunities

Please contact Corporate & Foundation Relations in the Office of Development at if you wish to submit a proposal in response to any of these funding opportunities. Note that proposals are still routed through the standard InfoEd/Research Management process.

  • Transatlantic Networks of Excellence Program, Fondation Leducq/Leducq Foundation
  • Research and Development Grants, Stiftelsen Promobilia – Promobilia Foundation
  • Research Grants, DEBRA International
  • Project Research Grant, Wings for Life (WFL) Spinal Cord Research Foundation
  • Accelerating Drug Discovery for Frontotemporal Degeneration RFP, Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF)
  • Research Grant Program, Barth Syndrome Foundation, Inc. (BSF)
  • Basic Research Projects on Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Families of SMA

Please click here for further details on these funding opportunities.


5. NIH Update for Week Ending August 1, 2014

For the latest National Institutes of Health notices, requests for applications, and program announcements, follow this link:




Reminders of recently posted funding opportunities, deadlines and events

MGH ECOR Formulaic Bridge Funding
Application Deadline: August 7; 7th day of each month

Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium (CENC)
Application Deadline: August 15

Boston Biomedical Innovation Center (B-BIC) Accepting PILOT & DRIVE Grant Pre-Proposals

Clinical Research Spotlight Series: Study Coordinator Discussion Group - August 4

eIRB Training: A Hands-On Introduction to eIRB - August 12

Research Subject Remuneration and Reimbursement: Policy Review and Navigating the Process - August 13

Minority Faculty Career Development Seminar - September 5-8

Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials - September - October 2014




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