Claflin Distinguished Scholar Awards FAQs


Q: I have been on the faculty for eleven years now, and believe this award would be very helpful now that I have had my first child.  Can I apply?

A: You must be within ten years of your first academic appointment, cumulative of all academic institutions.

Q: I am a research fellow, but anticipate that I will be an Instructor next summer.  Can I apply?

A: No, you must be an Instructor or Assistant Professor at the time of your application.

Q: I am pregnant and this will be my first child.  Am I eligible to apply?

A: No. You must be raising children at the time you submit the application.

Q: I am a female faculty member with no children. Am I eligible to apply?

A: You must be raising children at the time of your application.

Q: I split my time between MGH and BWH.  Am I eligible to apply?

A:  If you primary appointment is with MGH and your research is conducted at MGH, you are eligible to apply for this award.

Q: My research office/laboratory is not located on the campus of MGH.  Am I eligible to apply?

A: The research office/laboratory must be located on a MGH campus, which includes Simches, CNY, Landsdowne and the main hospital.

Q: Can I request salary support for myself as PI on the project?

A: The intent of this award is to identify research scholars who have secured salary support and are transitioning to R01 or other federal agency grant support.


Q: My research colleague is also my Chief, so may I submit one letter?

A: Two letters of support are required, so it is suggested that you submit a letter from a former mentor as well as your research colleague/Chief.


Q: Does the application need to go through Grants Management for pre-review

A: No, please submit your application directly to ECOR using the ECOR Online Management Portal. You can access this by clicking here.

Q: Do you have to apply online?

A: Yes. All applications must now be submitted online.

Q: Can I have deadline extension for submitting my proposal?

A: No ECOR has a tight timeframe for reviewing these proposals and therefore we must enforce our deadlines and no extensions are granted.


Q: How many awards are given each year?

A: The committee selects five awards per year.

Q: What is the indirect cost rate for this grant?

A: The indirect cost rate is 15% and will be included in the total amount awarded.

Q: Will applicants receive feedback/critiques back from the Review Committee?

A: Due to the large numbers of applications, the committee is not able to provide applicants with feedback/critiques.