Subcommittee on Review of Research Proposals (SRRP)

The ECOR Subcommittee on Review of Research Proposals (SRRP), provides an essential service to the MGH Research Community. The SRRP committee reviews all funding applications submitted to ECOR, including Tosteson-FMD Postdoc Fellowships, Interim Support Funding (ISF), Claflin Scholars, CDI's Physician-Scientist Development Award and for the SAC poster-of-distinction awards, as well as doing preliminary reviews for external single institution nominations such as  PEW Scholars Awards, the Smith Family Awards, and the Charles H. Hood Foundation Awards.  In evaluating applications, SRRP considers the candidate, the training environment, and the quality and relevance of the proposed study.

The SRRP Subcommittees are panels composed of a diverse set of reviewers from across the institution.  Each panel is lead by one of the SRRP Co-chairs shown below:


Iain Drummond, PhD

Karen K. Miller, MD

Edward Ryan MD
Infectious Disease

Kristin White, PhD
Dermatology, CBRC